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About me

I am a Lead Engineer and Project Manager at SLV–Computer, Ltd. – a company which provides accounting software solutions. My passion is software engineering, I started writing programs when I was 7 and cannot stop until now. I love C# and the whole .NET platform stack. As an avid adherent of Agile methods I apply them extensively in projects developed and managed by me.

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My Projects

Payroll .NET – click to visit the related Portfolio page
Payroll .NET – is a groundbreaking rule-based payroll processing application. It relies upon a flexible set of rule primitives which can be assembled into payroll rules in any thinkable way. Thus end users can simply customize the way how payroll is processed, i.e. how earnings, deductions and fees are calculated.

MVC# – is a Model-View-Presenter framework for .NET platform. Besides serving as Dependency Injection container it also provides platform-independent navigation between views (works in WinForms, ASP.NET and Silverlight) and defines a Task concept useful for encapsulation of session/application state with relevant operations. Was covered (amongst other .NET tools and technologies) in a famous book Microsoft® .NET: Architecting Applications for the Enterprise by Dino Esposito.

UsesCleanup at Downloads Page – A tool for removing unused references from "uses" clause in an entire Delphi application. Written in co-authorship with Danial Widner. Was successfully used by PayChex, Inc. to decrease the referential complexity and to improve the compilation times for their large-scale product.

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